Its Official: Kevin Love Is Trying To Tear The Cavs Apart

CLEVELAND, OH – It seems as though the Cavaliers roller coaster season has hit a depth never reached before. Sources say popular pariah Kevin Love has been caught red handed in a plan to further take down the self-proclaimed ‘King’ of the NBA, LeBron James. Even more impressive, Love has found a way to dig at his teammate while sidelined multiple times for various injuries.

There are reports that LeBron’s team provided email has been flooded with junk mail from dozens of websites, ranging from real estate opportunities in Charleston, West Virginia, to online rebate deals from A majority of the emails can be categorized as ‘spam’, and sources point to Kevin Love as the culprit, signing LeBron up for daily newsletters on even the most innocuous sites on the internet.

This passive aggressive protest by Love could prove costly for his team’s already disappointing season, as there are reports that in all the traffic in LeBron’s inbox, he missed a key email at the trade deadline from Sacramento Kings President of Basketball Operations regarding a trade for early 2000’s star, Vince Carter. “Its a real shame,” Lebron said in response, “Vince could have really provided a spark for our team the same way Derron Williams, Derrick Rose, and Richard Jefferson all did the last couple years.”

When asked for comment, Love stated that the team is looking to handle the situation internally, but the best way to reach him would be through his personal email,

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