Bill Belichick Might Be In Love With Danny Amendola

MIAMI, FL – Many were left puzzled last week when a picture of New England Patriots Head Coach, Bill Belichick sitting in the lobby of the Miami Dolphin’s facility surfaced. While some, mainly in Boston, have lazily labeled this as, “just Bill being Bill,” it seems that there is a much deeper rhyme to his reason. According to sources, Belichick’s presence in Miami was the result of a last ditch effort by the coach to bring back his former Wide Receiver, Danny Amendola. Many close to the situation believe that Bill is simply trying to make sure Danny suits up for New England in 2018. However, School House Sports has recently obtained texts from Danny Amendola’s iPhone that indicate a more personal motivation.

It all started more than a week ago when reports leaked that Amendola and his, now, ex-girlfriend, Olivia Culpo had broken up. Bill reached out to Danny with a note that seemed a little odd from the usually stoic coach.

BB Text 1

Danny never responded, and a few days later, when Amendola and former teammate, Julian Edelman, were spotted in the Miami clubs, his phone began to blow up.

BB Text 2

then an hour later…

BB Text 3

and another hour later

BB Text 4

until all hell broke loose

BB Text 5

Bill then went dark and when the sun rose, the groggy, cantankerous coach was front and center at the Dolphin’s front desk.

While we can’t confirm, a source said when they walked past the coach, he was looking at his bank account, mumbling to himself about a 4am red eye flight with a tab next to it that read “how to lie to your bank about your debit card activity.”

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