Gronk Walked Into The Wrong House And May Retire From The NFL To Stay With The Family

FOXBOROUGH, MA: Mystery has shrouded Patriots Tight End, Rob Gronkowski ever since he’s hinted at retirement following Super Bowl LII. Since then, reports about a potential career in acting or in the WWE have surfaced along with others that claim there is a growing rift between Gronkowski’s antics and Bill Belichick’s philosophies. As it turns out, none of these reports are even close to the truth. It all stems back to the day it was reported that, upon arriving home from the Super Bowl, Gronkowski had his home burglarized. After calling authorities, it was determined that a collection of safes and guns were missing. No suspects were ever identified. Gronk says he has spent the following days making notes of any other items that were missing. While we weren’t able to obtain the list, Gronk did divulge that, “it would be very long if I knew how to spell.”

A few days later things began to sort themselves out. As the Archers turned onto their street after their annual ski trip to Butternut Mountain, they knew something was off. “Yeah, pretty quickly we could see that our main gate had been run over by a neon bus,” said father, Fred Archer. “Then I walked into the house and saw Gronk sitting on our couch eating a steak off our fire poker. I sat down with him and he’s a great guy. He can stay as long as he wants.”

Since then, Gronk has been a wonderful edition to the Archer family. “I try to help out in anyway I can. I’ll help their nine year old son with his math homework and end up learning a lot myself!” said Gronk. When asked about speculation that he might be adopted by the Archer’s, Gronk replied, “I don’t know how you heard that, but, I mean, I’m definitely gonna look at my future. We’ll sit down in the next couple of weeks and see where I’m at.”


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