Tony Romo Is Gunning For Jim Nantz’s Job

AUGUSTA, GA – As golf fans descend upon the hallowed ground of Augusta National this week, all are expecting a showdown between two titans of the game. While many will have there eyes on Tiger and Phil or Jordan Spieth and Rory McElroy, we’ll be looking no further than the broadcast booth of Nantz and Romo. No, Tony Romo, the head color analyst for CBS’s football coverage, is not on the listing for the event’s announcers. However, our sources say that Tony is doing everything he can to change that.

We all know that Tony has been a huge fan of golf, as evidenced by his countless appearances on tour and PGA events. What we’ve found out is that his participation in these events is not as light-hearted as he makes thems seem. His involvement in these matches have been part of a long-term plan to qualify for the Masters as a player and infiltrate Jim Nantz’s position as top broadcaster from within. Unfortunately, failing to make the cut in every appearance has forced Romo to seek out other methods for success. Methods that would only work if he retired from the NFL and signed with CBS to sit next to his target on a weekly basis.

Since, an ugly war has erupted behind the scenes of the network’s top football duo. In the last two weeks alone, Jim Nantz has had to turn away seven chinese food delivery men at 11pm for orders he never called in. There have also been reports of Tony putting Nantz’s hand in cups of warm water while he sleeps on flights to and from their games. To combat this, reports indicate that Tony has been added to Augusta’s “Do-Not-Enter” list, per Nantz’s request. Romo’s team is aware of this and has stated, “Tony has been playing a lot of Fortnight lately and is very comfortable hiding in bushes for long periods of time in order to win.” Something will break this Masters weekend. Whether it’s the unforgiving greens or Tony Romo’s 4th vertebra during a fist fight for the top mic, School House Sports will be ready to cover it.

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