Fall From Grace: Russell Westbrook Reads to Classroom, Classroom Proceeds to Ridicule Him for No Longer Being the Most Important Player on the Thunder

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – It was a tough scene at Wilson Elementary School, as what started as a generous demonstration of community outreach by Thunder Star Russell Westbrook quickly turned dark.  As Westbrook finished his reading of Eric Carle’s, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, he opened the conversation for questions from Ms. Sullivan’s 2nd Grade Class.  Like a lion finding a lonely gazelle or CNN White House Reporter Jim Acosta at the State of the Union Address, the class saw their opportunity and capitalized.

“What’s it like playing with players better than you again?” Asked 7-year-old Sarah Cooper.

Westbrook was able to laugh it off pretty easily, until Sam Mendhelson slowly raised his hand.

“What do you think is more responsible for your lack of production this season, your no longer being the focal point of the offense, or just the fact that the team no longer has to rely upon you as a scoring option with the addition of an actual midrange ability in the starting lineup?”

The questions continued to mount, and Westbrook got increasingly more frustrated. He began berating the children for their lack of ability to write in cursive, emptied the classroom’s supply of ‘Elmer’s Safe Non-Toxic Glue’ into all of their backpacks, and walked out with Sam Mendhelson’s Kevin Durant themed lunchbox.

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