Sean McVay Turns To Paint Nite Amid Concerns Over Newly Signed Personalities

LOS ANGELES, CA – Sean McVay has got a problem. A big problem. Egos. Egos so big, I don’t even think Beyonce would be able to handle them. It’s no secret that the Los Angeles Rams have been the most newsworthy team this offseason. They’ve signed big name after big name that, unfortuantely, come with even bigger mouths. The arrival of the likes of Marcus Peters, Aqub Talib, and Ndamukong Suh have left everyone from teammates to fans as excited as they are wary. Sean McVay has proven he can coach a team of young, inexperienced, unproven talent, but can he do the same with established veterans? Sean, an established millenial, has been wondering that himself.

He’s spent the last few weeks trying to figure out unorthodox methods that will galvanize a team that many worry will be plagued with controversy. While most coaches look for analogies that aim to add context to a cliche, McVay threw that concept away like Jared Goff threw footballs under Jeff Fisher. At first, McVay decided learning the guitar would be a great team building excersize. The first song he decided to learn was his favorite, “Daughters” by John Mayer. Unfortunately, when practicing, Antonio Cromartie walked by his office while on a team visit and immediatly left the facility due to uncomfortability between the song’s content and his personal family life. After putting the guitar away, McVay turned to Plan B. Paint Night.

The coach has since made reservations for the newly signed players to join him at Cafe Pinot, in downtown LA, to paint “Galaxy At The Beach” on Wednesday. Considering that all three players took a variation of “Sculpting 101” in their final semester of college, McVay feels that he will find a common ground beneath the rugged personalities. All players have yet to RSVP to McVay’s Facebook event intive.

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