LeBron Turns Focus To Family Following Game 1 Loss To Pacers

Cleveland, OH – LeBron James entered his press conference understandably disappointed with the result. The Cavaliers had just experienced a blowout in their first game of the playoffs and that is not something that James is familiar with. Regardless, James has learned to handle defeat with a consistency that has become repetitive in nature. James has found a way to veer attention away from the game in favor of things such as “friendship,” “life,” and “politics.” This time, he chose “family.” “Yeah I hate losing these games. But there’s more than just the game, you know? I got a family and I gotta focus more on that.” When asked if his comment could have been related to the negative result of Game 1, LeBron simply said, “Honestly it’s so far back in my rearview mirror, after the game I was greeted by my smiling family via picture in the back of my locker, really shows you why we really do it, not for a game, but for them,” and walked out.

Sources report that his availability for game 2 is now in question due to a standing appointment to go GoKarting with his family. On his off day, James was spotted at BOSS Pro-Karting with his family in a two-seat cart with LeBron James Jr. After coming in 3rd, 1st, 5th, and 4th respectively he bought out the venue for the day claiming his family was, “most important.” Unfortunately, three races later, James had his licence revoked and placed on the wall of shame for breaking the venue’s 3 strike policy of “No Bumpin’.”

LeBron Licence

Not wanting to waste the experience, his family decided to stay at the tracks while LeBron went to a nearby arcade to clear his mind. After spending most of his 100 tokens on ski-ball, he spent his tickets on a 4-inch plug in disco ball. James remains firm that going forward, he will be a family-first man. Sources are wary on James’ status for Game 2.

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