Update: LeBron Is Now Devoting 100% Of His Focus To Basketball

CLEVELAND, OH – Just days after announcing that he has a newfound perspective on life and will spend more time focusing on his family, LeBron James has now stated that he is 100% committed to his teammates. Last time we checked on LeBron, he was asked to leave a Go-Kart track a day after losing Game 1 to the Indiana Pacers. Today, he claims he’s back on the right track, unironically. “I thought a lot after Game 2. What I’ve done, how we played, how we played when I was on the court, family, and other things of that nature. I realized that my team is my family too, man. When we’re winning, we’re family, and I can’t walk away from that.” said, James.

This change of heart from James is certainly something that NBA fans have become used too. LeBron has made it his calling card to change his mind time and time again. Be it he life’s focuses, where he wants to play basketball, or who to blame for a loss, LeBron James is inconsistent, if nothing else. When asked if his family is aware of his shifting priorities James said, “I haven’t had the chance to talk to them yet. I have to grind for my teammates right now. I’d text them but it’s 0 Dark 30 23 time, so…” and he trailed off. When informed that he could simply call from a landline, James got hostile with reporters, chiding them for being against him and his teammates. It was at this point that Brian Windhorst volunteered to deliver the news the James’ family himself and ran out of the press conference. Unfortunately for the rest of the reporters, Windhorst forgot to put down the microphone when he left, effectively ending the press conference for the night.

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