Sam Darold Has Not Left Times Square Since Being Drafted

NEW YORK, NY – It’s nothing new for a New York Jets quarterback to get lost in traffic, thing is that problem usually happens on the field. When Darnold was drafted 3rd overall by the New York Jets, they flew him into JFK airport and immediately took him on a tour to see the sights in the city that never sleeps. They stopped at the Empire State Building, marveled at 30 Rockefeller Center, ate a famed New York Bagel, and walked around the halls of Madison Square Garden. Their last stop, Times Square, and that’s the last time any team personnel has seen him. Amidst the heavy crowds, they lost sight of their future star, and all their phone calls were sent straight to voicemail. Don’t be mistaken, Darnold isn’t a missing person so the police can’t get involved, he just can’t get enough of the tourist hub. “This is where the real New York City is. I just want to be part of it.” said Darnold. Schoolhouse Sports has exclusively obtained a list in Sam’s iPhone notes that provide some insight into this odd decision.


Its now been three weeks and isn’t looking good. Eyewitnesses accounts claim to have seen Darnold literally acknowledging homeless people, eating multiple hot dogs from food carts, deciding between an “I Love NY” shirt and coffee mug, and referring to New Jersey as, “not that bad of a place.” If his inability to understand New York is an indication of his football abilities, this season is going to be a disaster.

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