ESPN Thinks We’re Idiots

ESPN has been a really horrible presence in my life for a while now. It’s no secret that if there’s one thing everyone wants from the worldwide leader in sports, its the return of endless highlights. It’s about as close as we millennials come to our parents in terms of reflecting on “the good ole days.” While I could write all day on that topic, that’s not why I’ve gathered all 7-19 of you readers here today. I want to talk about this insulting ad campaign ESPN is rolling out trying to hype up these NBA finals.

The Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers are facing off in the NBA Championship for the 4th time in four years. Personally, I’m at the point in this “rivalry” where I view it like watching a couple continually getting back together. We know how it’s ended before and we know how its gonna end again. A lot of tears, no real adjustments made to try to improve on past mistakes, and with a fourth attempt like this, the chances for physical assault are at an all time high.

Let’s be honest here. We’re not dumb. Well… we are. I’m trying to start a sports comedy blog and you actually clicked on it and read this far. That’s probably not helping my argument but bare with me. Be it an opinion you’ve formed on your own or just going off what experts say, we knew before the season started that this is where we’ll be and we know how it’s gonna end. So why, WHY ESPN, are you trying to tell me otherwise. Yes, you gotta market the product, I get it. But the Cav’s are like an absentee dad at this point. Every year I’m told this is going to be the year and that it’s all different and every year I’m left disappointed on my doorstep when he doesn’t show up. If he does, he’ll probably just be be high or drunk on wine. That’s facts.

My point is this; I’m insulted that ESPN thinks that their advertisements are going to convince me that the Cavs have even the slightest chance to win this series. No matter how great the J. Cole chorus you use is. No amount of bad blood, effort from LeBron, or whatever is going to change that. ESPN, you’re lying, and it needs to stop.

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