The NBA Is Not King No Matter What Your Friends Tell You

This morning my friend texted me saying that the last 72 hours have proven to him that the NBA is the king of American sports. I’m sure your friends have done the same. I’m not projecting anything on anyone here. On the off chance that I am doing that, just take five minutes out of your day (if you’re a slow reader) and read the words I wrote down.

I know you think I’m going to talk about the parity between the leagues, but that argument is an easy one, so I’m going to play devils advocate on myself here for a second. The NFL doesn’t have parity. The only change in the postseason comes in the form of divisional champions. But that’s just the equivalent of an underachiever getting all the easy teachers for one semester in college. Yeah, you made dean’s list, but it was lucky and you’re a loser at heart. Don’t get mad at me, get mad at your history, ya dunce. At the end of the day, the top performers are going to continue performing, and their likely going to be really weird people. That’s football, that’s life.

Anyway, point number 1. Who do you trust more?

This guy?


Or this guy?


Who honestly hasn’t done anything good since his performance in Who Framed Roger Rabbit.


Did a great job though, I’ll give him that.

Secondly more NFL players drafted in the rounds of 3-7 have made an impact in their respective sport than their NBA counterparts. In the last three years alone, lets look at some names on both sides.

NFL: Cooper Kupp, Tarik Cohen, Yannick Ngakoue, Dak Prescott, Jordon Howard, Tyreek Hill, David Johnson, Ty Montgomery, Kwon Alexander, Jay Ajayi, and obviously Bryce Petty, to name a few.


Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at 4.28.27 PM.png


Lastly,  the NFL is a far more openminded league. I know many may disagree, but I’ll ask you this. Has anyone ever had a more liberal definition of a ball? Let’s look at the tape.






How, in today’s day in age, are we supposed to change the world if the NBA is holding us to an outdated standard or what “round” is? As a millennial, it’s about time we stood up to big basketball and say, “Not my ball!” Who’s with me?

See you in September.

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