If LeBron James Has Any Sense He Will Sign With The Charlotte Hornets This Offseason

I know I’m not alone in being tired out from the constant debates in the media regarding the greatness of LeBron James and Michael Jordan. For those of you who aren’t up to date, here are the spark notes.

  • Jordan is 6-0 in the NBA finals, James is 3-6
  • Jordan won a big game when he was hungover once, James won an important game while having cramps
  • Jordan embraced his baldness but couldn’t grow a beard, LeBron has a great beard but won’t accept his baldness
  • A bunch of other stuff

So now you’re caught up. What’s really unique about this argument, especially in today’s world, is that no matter what is presented from one side to the other, no one will change their minds. It’s crazy, I know. It’s like people just don’t want to accept another form of thinking. For every point, a counterpoint. For every argument, a rebuttal. It never ends. Until now. I’ve figured out how to end this debate once and for all. LeBron James has to sign with the Charlotte Hornets.

Everyone is so caught up with one being better than the other as individuals. But think about this, if LeBron goes to Charlotte and wins a title, all of the sudden we’re hearing “You know, MJ could have never won that championship without LeBron.” Holy shit, it would stop everything right there. LeBron wins another championship and is able to say he carried his peer in greatness all the way there. It’s the ultimate Trump card (sorry if the T-word offends).

Of course, we can’t rule out that possibility of Jordan coming out of retirement, 12th manning his way to the finals, then hitting a game winning shot in game 7. Then we’re right back where we started.


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