I Need To Stop Getting Excited For The Hall Of Fame Game

Well that was a waste of time.  It happens every year. I try to maintain my expectations but no matter what, when the NBC music comes on, my feet start tapping wildly like Restless Leg Syndrome is a real disorder. I always think it’s going to be like Christmas, and it is, if it was during the Great Depression and your mom couldn’t get out of bed because she has a nasty case of tuberculosis. Hate when that happens. It’s just a major disappointment. You never see the players you want to see, which in this case was RG3, which, like, what? The players you do see are terrible, and as a result of that it makes me think if I worked a little harder in high school, it could be me out there. Which, let me tell you, is the last thing someone like me needs on their mind when I wake up every day thinking, “This is the day I’m finally gonna do it.” I’m talking about quitting my job, not killing myself, relax. What I’m saying is don’t give me a reason to do it, I need the paycheck, that’s all.

PS: The best part of the game was Robert Griffin fist pumping at Lamar Jackson’s first interception.


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