If I Had It My Way, Saquon Barkley Would Never Come Off The Bench

Fun fact, I’m a Giants fan. When I was 6 years old, I wore a Jets Keyshawn Johnson jersey to a family event. My grandmother, god bless her soul (she’s dead), grabbed me and said, “What the fuck are you wearing? Take that off!” It was my first time hearing a swear word and also the first time I smelled whiskey breath. Needless to say, it was enough to get me on the right path. Thank god for that angel/bat out of hell. Since then, I feel I’ve seen some shit. Yeah, I know I’ve gotten some Super Bowls in my lifetime, but I’m here to talk about the negative stuff. Do you ever like it when your friend tells you all the good things about his relationship? No, people like misery, but I digress.

In my years I’ve seen a lot of hurt. Some are slow, like realizing that Ron Dayne was never going run like two Heisman Trophy’s weren’t attached to his cleats, or Jeremy Shockey was never going to try unless he got a catch on the first drive, or the traffic out of the Meadowlands was never going to dissipate. Some are fast, like realizing no one was going to catch DeSean Jackson on that punt return (which I still can’t watch in its entirety)

or realizing that Kerry Collins wasn’t going to be the dumbest face in franchise history.


It’s been difficult.

So when I see Saquon Barkley go down with a tweaked hamstring, I’m going to expect the worst. I’ve seen too many great college players get labeled as a “bust” due to injury, and I can’t handle that happening to him. Mark my words, he will get hurt again. I mean, it’s a numbers game really. He has SO MANY muscles on those getaway sticks. Almost too many. I mean look at these things.


You can’t have that many muscles and not hurt one of them. It’s impossible. So as far as I’m concerned, I’ve seen all I need out of Saquon. That first run in the first preseason game was enough. Let’s end on a high note. I’d rather live through a “what if he played” world than a “what if he stayed healthy” world. So thank you for the memories, Saquon.

I’ll see you in Canton.

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