Notre Dame HC, Brian Kelly, Signs Sponsorship Deal With Maybelline

SOUTH BEND, IN – As Notre Dame convinces multiple young athletes signed on the dotted line to make Notre Dame a top 10 recruiting class, Head Coach Brian Kelly signed a life changing contract of his own. Earlier today the cosmetics company, Maybelline, announced they had signed Brian Kelly to a multi-year deal to be the face of a new line of makeup.

“The line is called ‘Blushed Out of The Pocket.’ With the signature color being called ‘Tommy Rees Red’” Said Kelly. It seems out of the ordinary for a cosmetics company to target someone who’s profession couldn’t be further from femininity, but that’s exactly the point. “We feel, that in today’s social climate, it is our responsibility to challenge the status quo. No one knows that better than Brian Kelly. Notre Dame bringing in a Spread Offense coach after decades of pro-style is as brave as it gets. That… or Jimmy Clausen simply ruined the program” Said a spokesperson for Maybelline.

But it doesn’t stop with Coach Kelly. Maybelline has confirmed they are in discussions with other members of the football community for their “Faces of Football” campaign. Among them are Jacksonville’s Tom Coughlin for a winter blush line called “NASCAR Package Pass Blush,” Oakland’s Derek Carr for an eyeliner line called “MasCARRa,” and CBS’s Jason La Canfora for a lipstick line called, “Keep My Name Off Your Lips.”*

*Jason La Canfora was signed after Maybelline terminated their contract with Tom Brady and his line of “Give Your Dad A Kiss,” lipstick due to recent incidents.

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