With Josh Gordon Out Of Cleveland, It’s Up To Baker Mayfield To Continue The Trend Of Cleveland Disasters

It sucks I have to keep doing this. As I’ve said before, I love Baker Mayfield. I’m not going to rehash it, so you can read about it here:


(give me the clicks)

But again, this sucks. This sucks because I don’t think Baker has a chance of being great, or even good anymore. The Browns simply cannot exist without a perceived savior becoming the ultimate scapegoat. It’s been a constant for the last 15 years or so. It started in 2005 when 1st round pick, Kellen Winslow Jr, destroyed his body on a motorcycle. Below is video footage of that event. Viewer discretion is advised.


Gruesome stuff.

The next year came with the signing of top free agent center, Lecharles Bentley, who, upon signing an NFL record 6 year 36 million dollar contract (lol be poorer), shredded his knee on the first play of the first offseason practice. He never saw a professional snap again.

2007 brought with it Brady Quinn. The greatest quarterback that never was. I mean look at this guy…



I maintain that it’s not his fault for how busty he was. The guy had Brian Robiske (bust), Mohommad Masaquoi (bust), and Joe Jurevicius (white guy) to throw too. Cleveland never game him a chance. Damn them.

Then in 2010, Cleveland brought in Colt McCoy, who left college as the winningest (ESPN need to stop pretending that’s a word) quarterback of all time. Things were going well until… well…

So that didn’t work out.

Then in 2012, it was a new era. Cleveland drafted the most surefire draft gem the league had seen in years, Trent Richardson.


Okay, little hiccup, that’s fine, because don’t forget, they also drafted 28 year old Brandon Weeden. He played for the Yankees once. That counts for something.

giphy.gif Oh…



Alright, brush it off. We’re at 2014 now. This is the year. This is the year Cleveland’s gonna do it. Why? Three words: Johnny. Fucking. Football.


Then he did this!


And then this!


Which led to this.


Which led to this.

skinny jff.PNG

God Dammit!


Now here we are today. Try to tell me you can look at all those failures over the years and say there’s hope. Look, I’m a like domesticated dog at this point. I know when it’s time to eat, I know I can’t shit on the carpet, I know I hate cats, etc. Life is my owner and I have to follow the rules life has established, and part of life is Cleveland being suffocated by a highly touted player never fulfilling their potential. If these rules are broken, God knows what’ll happen. I don’t want this to happen to Baker, but he doesn’t have a choice. This cross to bear is like the Olympic torch, the presidency, or a group of people with a blunt. It’s passed on to the next person in seamless transition. I’d wish you luck, Baker, but that’d just be a waste of time.

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