The NFL Is On A Fast Track To Becoming A Bunch Of Jackasses


Little political joke for you there. And no, this isn’t an article disparaging any side of the aisle. Just an observation. An observation that the NFL is becoming uncomfortably reliant on a handful of old bulls to be the face of the league. Sound familiar? No? Allow me to enlighten you. A major issue the democratic party currently faces (and I’m basing this off something Stephen Colbert said, so that’s gotta count for something) is a lack of youth in their leadership. Here are a few of the faces of the blue states.


That’s Chuck Schumer. Senator of New York and, based on the picture above, does not like it when you offer to drive for him at night.


This, here, is Nancy Pelosi. Former speaker of the house (I think) and a fireball after her 2pm gin and tonic.


Last is Bernie Sanders. Senator from Vermont and someone who just realized he needs help getting out of his favorite recliner.

Point is, many experts (again, going off one segment I saw on Colbert once) say the lack of youth in the party’s leadership is their Achilles heel due to their inability to relate to their young support-base. As a result, they lose.

Okay, we’re done with the political bullshit. What I’m saying is the NFL is going to find themselves in trouble if this trend of longevity among star quarterbacks exceeds the success of these young up and comers. The league knows this too. I can guarantee you these new roughing the passer rules were largely pushed following the season-ending injuries to young stars like Deshaun Watson and Carson Wentz. Unfortunately for the league, it’s not doing much after losing Jimmy Garoppolo to a torn ACL, that he totally did to himself, following a non-contact play.

Now to be fair, it’s not all on the old guys. Youth is great, them staying healthy is even better, but they have to win, and win big. They don’t while Brady, Brees, and Rodgers do. It’s one thing to be touted as the next big thing, but when all you’re able to do is win a wildcard game, if you’re not actually able to be the last man standing at the end of the season, it’s gonna make the league look desperate for hyping you up and saying you’re a future hall of famer. Naturally, the player will look stupid for failing to live up to the expectations.


The bottom line is the NFL needs guys like Wentz, Goff, Watson, Mayfield, Allen, Rosen, Jackson, Garoppolo, etc. to make it, and fast. Now that Matt Ryan, Phillip Rivers, Big Ben, Joe Flacco and Eli are officially out of all “elite” conversations, the NFL needs one of the newbies to win a Super Bowl in the next two years. They need someone else to rally around or else they’re aging themselves out.

In closing, NFL, don’t be the democrats. Be the republicans. A group that knows a thing or two about being led by a youthful face.


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