For The First Time Ever, I’m Questioning If Being A Giants Fan Is Better Than Being A Jets Fan

This has been bothering me. As a Giants fan, we’ve always been the older brother in the Tri-State area. We were the brother that went to an IVY League school while the Jets scraped by at a SUNY. While the Giants would be helping an old lady cross the street, the Jets were kicking pigeons into oncoming traffic. Giants fans bought the keg for the party and Jets fans spent that party bumming juul rips off strangers. We were better, and nothing you could do or say could convince anyone otherwise.

Even in our down years, one thing Giants fans always had was respect as a “Class Franchise.” From the outside looking in, we did the right thing. We treated our players right, ownership said the right things, and the Mara’s knew how to create talent.



kata mara.PNG

Like I said, talent.

Even when Plaxico Burress shot himself,  the Giants were inexplicably blameless in the harsh world of New York media. In other words, the Giants couldn’t shoot themselves in the foot even when they literally shot themselves in the foot.

All the while, the Jets were making headlines for licking feet, mugging their own quarterback, players quitting on the team, etc. And that’s just stuff behind the scenes. The on-field product was even better. They lost in hilarious fashion,


And their fans were regulars on Worldstar

Since then, the Giants have been outed for covering up Josh Brown’s domestic abuse, followed by John Mara saying the Kapernick situation was the worst thing to ever happen to the NFL. We’ve been arguably the most boring team to watch on Sundays, like at least when the Browns lost it was genuinely entertaining. My phone buzzes weekly to let me know another member of the secondary was suspended for leaving practice early. Everything is a mess.

Let me say this. Jets fans are stupid. They are. Talk to them on a Monday after a win, they’re going to the Super Bowl. The Monday after a loss, fire the coach, bench the quarterback, sell your season tickets, get Joe Namath out of retirement, and if you can’t get him try Brett Favre again. That shift in attitude is stupid. HOWEVER! I kinda envy it now. As a Giants fan, I’m logical. I know that we’ll have a top 5 pick this year, I know Eli won’t throw to Odell if it isn’t a 3 yard slant, I know the O-Line is less effective than protesters blocking off a highway, I know we suck and no singular win is going to change that. I wish I could be stupid because then I could be happy, even if just for a moment.

So I guess what this comes down too is do I want to be smart and sad or dumb and happy. I don’t know right now. Blue makes my eyes pop, but I guess I don’t know how I’d look in green.

I’ll keep you posted.


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