Snoop Dogg Showing Up At The Cleveland Browns’ Practice Tells You Everything You Need To Know About The Steelers

Last week, cameras caught rapper, marijuana enthusiast, and doppelganger of my elementary school librarian, (shout out Ms. Mumby) Snoop Dogg attending Cleveland Browns’ practice. For those that don’t know, Snoop is a HUGE Pittsburgh Steelers fan, who is a division rival of Cleveland.

Snoop Steel 1.PNG

Snoop Steel 2.PNG

One video showed Snoop introducing himself to Browns rookie, Baker Mayfield.


If I was a Steelers fan, I’d be pissed, but in Snoop’s defense, I believe he is obligated to meet someone who’s first name is one letter away from “Baked.” So, give him a pass, guys. If there’s anything to be disappointed about, it’s not getting to see them both hotbox the quarterback RV later on. He’s taken musicians there before.

No snacks would be safe.

But personal vendetta’s aside, Steelers fans should be very nervous about this. The Steelers have been this year’s media circus thanks to countless headlines made by stars like Le’veon Bell, Antonio Brown, the O-Line, etc. The overbearing theme this has created is that Mike Tomlin has lost the locker room. Even despite some big wins, stories continue to trickle out about Brown’s antics, Bell’s behavior, and so on.

I mean, I don’t think it can be debated anymore. This team is so lost that their superstar fan, Snoop Dogg, is lost in Cleveland. I know he didn’t go there voluntarily. No one would. Or he’s just high, that’s the likely answer. In any case, this is genuinely concerning. Snoop has been a loyal fan forever.

Snoop Pats.PNG





I hope he can find he can find his way home.

PS: Why couldn’t this have happened when Josh Gordon was still on the team?

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