Nathan Peterman’s Faith-Inspired Novel a Hit with Church Communities

12 months after leaving the NFL, former quarterback Nathan Peterman continues to take suburban church communities by storm with his novel, ‘Devine Interception.’ The 283-page book summarizes the rise, then fall, then rise, then fall, then fall again of the former field general. Peterman’s faith helped him persevere through poor performances, and it inspires those with the same values.

“What’s so great about Nate’s story is that it resonates with so many people,” says Faith McLaughlin, a member of the confirmation class at her local parish in Orchard Park, NY. “He just has so many failures to list, and everyone can sort of pick-and-choose a certain point during his career where you go ‘Okay yep, I thought I had it bad. But this is worse. So much worse. We all deserve a pick-me-up like that.’ ” Peterman’s tour de failure on the football field needs no introduction. He had to transfer from the University of Tennesse to the University of Pittsburgh after losing playing time, most likely due to his propensity for picks. He then proceeded to accomplish things never done on a football field, and not in a good way. There’s the 5 interception game against Los Angeles and the pick in the playoffs against Jacksonville his rookie year, but even worse than that, he used the power of Christ to convince the entire Bills organization in one offseason that a new-and-improved Nathan Peterman was there to stay. He wasn’t. No, not even a 30-second hype video made by the Bills media team could mask the former gunslinger’s desire to perform charity work for opposing defenses. He died a slow, mataphorical football death as the Bills finally released him following a week 7 Peterman Special against the Indianapolis Colts in 2018.

The book seems especially popular in the town where he made his skid mark on the underpants of football. Asked about the book, Arnie Kowalski, a frequent church-goer and Buffalo Bills season ticket holder since 1979, said, “Oh yeah. People are just buying this shit so he can be successful outside of football. That way, he can’t be tempted by Sean McDermott. Sean’s desire for him keeps us up at night.”

Peterman declined to comment on his ongoing lawsuit with the Buffalo Bills fanbase for unfixable damage to the organization.

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