A Giants Fan’s Letter To Jaguars Fans

Dear Jacksonville,

I want you to know that you’re not alone. I get it. I’ve been there. Hell, I’m there now. I understand what it’s like to make the playoffs one year, think you finally have it all figured out, only to have reality punch you in the face like Leonard Fournette would a Buffalo Bills D-Lineman. Some could say it’s like Odell Beckham getting punched by a kicking net, but that’s so 2017, I digress. I know what it’s like to have a player who’s monumental talent on the field is somehow overshadowed by what he does off it, especially when it’s overblown by the media. I know what it’s like to love your quarterback, only to be hurt time and time again. If it was a relationship, it’s not like they’re cheating or anything, it’s more they just never show up on time and make you look stupid in front of your family/friends. You know they mean well, but why can’t they just do the little things right? I know what you’re going through, and I’m here to map out your the next few years.

As far as this season goes, it’s over. You know that, you’ve accepted that, but I want you to know it’s still okay to root for your team on Sundays. Yes, you want that top 5 pick. You want it so bad that you’ll promise to start going to church again if it happens. Ok, that’s a little much, how about calling your grandma more. Yeah, that’s fair. But there’s nothing you can do. When the ball kicks off, for those three hours, you’re fandom consumes you. And that’s okay. Then the offseason is going to come and you’re going to know everything that needs to be fixed on your roster. But that will fade with time. You’re team will say all the right things to the media, you’ll sign some fringe talent and convince yourself that they were just in the wrong system before, and you’ll tell yourself that all the offseason conditioning will improve your bad players. It won’t. You’ll watch the preseason, your first stringers will go down 0-21, only to win 34-28 on the backs of the third stringers, you’ll tell yourself this depth can change the season. It wont. When the season starts, you’ll go 0-3, but tell yourselves if the Texans can save their 2018 season after 0-3, so can you. You wont.

The reality is, this is the foreseeable future. As someone that’s been watching the highlight tapes of every draft eligible QB since week 2, I can tell you the answer isn’t currently living in a dorm room. You’re stuck. You’re choices will either be to stick with your QB, or go 6-10 with Tyrod Taylor next year. It’s a hard choice. But you’ll stick with your guy because you love him and you’d rather try for a top 5 pick again than draft a one-year wonder D-End from the SEC at the 16th pick. You’re star player, Jalen Ramsey, isn’t going to stop talking, and he’s not going anywhere. When you have a lightning rod of a player, one that gets your team on the front page, most owners will keep that because they love headlines. Shad Khan embodies that. I can’t promise you that everything will be okay because it wont. You’re next few seasons are a waste, you’re draft picks will be busts, and you’re best fans will continue to be within walking distance of Wembley Stadium. Oh, and you still haven’t called your grandma. I’m sorry guys, but it’s all over.

God, I love football.

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