If Le’Veon Bell Goes To The Colts, It’s Only Fair They Bring Trent Richardson Back

I know what you’re thinking, “Uhh… dude, Trent Richardson running is the same that as Jim Irsay driving after a night out.” But hear me out.

By now you may have heard about or seen Le’Veon Bell’s recent comment on the NFL’s Instagram Post about Andrew Luck.


An interesting idea for sure. The Colts are, once again, a team that looks like it needs one more piece to be a contender, and a running back like Bell would certainly fit that notion. Thing is though, this isn’t fair. It just isn’t. You mean to tell me you want to join this team now that they have a functioning Offensive line? That’s offensive to me. Where were you during the hard times? Allow me to explain.

Not too long ago, you may remember a “blockbuster” trade between the Indianapolis Colts and Cleveland Browns. The Browns traded away Trent Richardson, the prior year’s 3rd overall pick, for an upcoming first rounder (which was infamously used on Johnny Manziel) (woof). As a result, the Colts now had the 1st and 3rd overall picks from the  2012 NFL Draft in their backfield. It was the final piece to the puzzle. Then this happened.


Then this…


Then this…


Which was shocking, because it was something that we had never seen him do before in Cleveland…


So one could say it didn’t work. But that was then and this is now, and while I think it’s only fair that Le’Veon meet the same fate, I can be realistic in saying we’ve seen enough to assume that’ll never happen. Then again, there is one commonality; neither back is known for hitting the hole hard. Granted, Bell’s is due to patience while Richardson was due to incompetence, but that’s neither here nor there. I gotta hope for something.

But, seriously, Indianapolis has to bring back Trent Richardson if they’re gonna try this “final piece” thing again. After all, how could you pass up having two future hall of fame runningbacks on your roster? Even if that’s not enough, what about giving him a second chance? The Oakland Raiders did, and look how that turned out.


OK, well that’s Oakland. That’s not a fair shake. And yeah, Baltimore gave him a crack, but he didn’t make the roster. That just sounds like a bunch of empty promises to me. Oh, you want to talk about his CFL stint? Tell me the last time you took anything seriously from Canada. I’ll wait.

Just sign him Indy. I’ll even talk to Jim Irsay about it.

“Hey Jim, have you tried the new thing on the streets? The kids call it ‘T-Rich'”

*Jim’s eyebrows raise* “I… haven’t. Is it good?”

“All depends what version you get. If it’s the kind from the south, Alabama specifically, you won’t regret it.”

“I don’t care what it takes. Get me some T-Rich.”

All in a days work.

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