Real Quick: Did Anyone Else Hear That Weird Thing About RG3 “Rob” Griffin’s New Persona?

This is a quick blog, but does anyone know what I’m talking about? During the Baltimore/Atlanta game, Ravens starting QB, Lamar Jackson, went down for a few plays with an injury. In his place went the one-time NFL starlet, Robert Griffin III, aka RG3. The color announcer, Tony Romo, started ranting about how Griffin has a new persona. How he’s changed his attitude since his days in Washington DC and is now a much more humble person. He’s changed so much that he insists you call him “Rob” now.

A few things here. No shit. First, I wonder what humbled him. Was it the fact that he had been removed from the league due to his declining physical ability and countless stories of his unstable ego? How about the fact that the guy has won one game in the last three years? Or maybe now that he’s a 3rd string quarterback, so the backup’s backup, he’s not walking around with the same gusto as he used too?

It’s the same in the real world. Do you know who the quietest person on a sales team is? The one who closes no new deals. That’s what RG3 is now. A salesman who’s only point of pride is receiving an email from a potential client that says “We really did enjoy working with you, but…” So yeah, no shit he’s humbled.

Secondly, does this mean Robert Griffin was just walking around the Redskins facility insisting on being called RG3. Like Mike Shanahan is breaking down film with him saying “Alright, Robert, what coverage are we seeing pre-snap?” and Griffin responds, “That’s not my name…” What an asshole. Now, he’s just one of the guys. Just Rob hanging out with the boys. Bustin’ balls, giving guff, shooting the shit.

“Hey Robert, take my pads to the locker room for me.”

“Ha! Robert’s my father’s name. Call me Rob!”

“Just get it done, clipboard guy.”

Fuck off Rob.

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