Is Ryan Day A Better Coach Than Jim Harbaugh?

Some experts say,  “maybe.”

Fact: Ryan Day has never lost a game as a head coach, going 3-0 to start the season as Acting Head Coach.

Fact: Jim Harbaugh has lost a game as a head coach.

Fact: Ryan means “little king.” His name literally translates to “Day of the King.”

Fact: Jim, short for James, is derived from the Hebrew name, Jacob, which means “one who follows.”

These are just some of the many obvious things that directly translate to coaching ability. In all honesty, I’m just getting ahead of this take. Ohio State will beat Michigan next year and, as a result, there’s a very real chance it’s the last game Harbaugh ever coaches for the maize and blue.

Think about that. Ryan Day could kill Jim Harbaugh as the Michigan head coach. Certainly not a merciful king. Maybe more of a dictator, but I digress. Make no mistake about it, under Ryan Day the Buckeyes’ offense will never stall(in), they will hit(ler) hard, they’ll put countless opponents in body cast(ro)s, and put(in) Michigan in their place.

As far as what happens after he runs out of Urban Meyer’s recruits, I cannot say. He’s played and coached under Chip Kelly for the majority of his career, so I’ll leave that interpretation up to you. All I know is Harbaugh’s Michigan career ending at the hands of a backup head coach is the last way I saw this going.

On a serious note, t’s and p’s to Urban Meyer, but there is a positive here. The guy has grown a lot. Earlier this summer, he didn’t give one shit if someone received a head injury from forces outside of their control. Some would go as far to say he’d ignore issues like that altogether. Now it’s his number one priority. Gotta respect a man who can make a change in their life like that.

Maturity. Pass it on.



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