Karma’s A Bitch: Vikings Are Finally Getting What’s Coming To Them

Does anyone remember the big issue with Minnesota’s new stadium when it was rolled out a few years back?

Bird Headline.PNG

It’s a crisis over there. I don’t even know what they’re gonna do when they find out about the bee’s. God help them, but that’s another conversation for another time. One thing at a time.

Contrary to the date of that headline, this problem goes back years. Countless activists have petitioned, protested, and pleaded with the team to modify their stadium, to no avail. In other words, the Vikings have said this issue is for the birds.


But after years of neglect, it’s finally come back to bite them in the ass.


Last night the Vikings dropped yet another game to the Seattle Seahawks, a team named after, and get this, a bird. I’m sure they were feeling safe after narrowly getting by the Falcons and Eagles earlier this year but, now, buddy…


If I’m the Vikings, I’m absolutely running with this theory. Losing because fate never allowed  you to win is far more acceptable than, I don’t know, signing Kirk Cousins to $80+ million guaranteed. But hey, that’s just me.

Update: Minnesota has read this blog and just learned about the bees. We bring you now, live to the scene.



No. That is not San Francisco circa 1906. Nice try though.



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