The Best Thing Giants Fans Can Ask For Is An Eagles Repeat

I know what you’re thinking. “If we let the Eagles win again, we’re putting the entire country at risk. Another Philly parade would reach World War Z levels.”

And there’s a chance you’re right, but that has to be a risk we are willing to take. Bear with me for a sec.

People don’t know this, but Giants fans had just as much riding on last year’s Super Bowl as Patriots and Eagles fans did, if not more so. You see, in the years since the Giants’ second Super Bowl win over New England, we’ve seen the Pats slay every dragon in their way. In Seattle, they defeated the notion that Tom Brady could no longer win the big one. In Atlanta, they were somehow the Luke Skywalker meant to destroy the evil empire that was Roger Goodell. But one remained… finally defeating Eli Manning. The truth was, it didn’t matter how many Super Bowls the Pats won. As long as they were 0-2 against Eli Manning, they were not perfect. This one quarterback, this mouth-breathing, shoulder slumping, personality-lacking quarterback, was the albatross around their neck.

So this Super Bowl, in essence, meant very little to them. That’s not a hot take either, just ask them. As far as they were concerned, there standard for competitive stimulus was not met. It’s just Nick Foles after all.

Which brings me to my next point. Nick Foles, the quarterback who had inexplicably brought the Eagles to the big game as a backup, had become the scariest person in the tri-state area. Nick Foles found himself in a position to not only beat Tom Brady and the Patriots, but to also destroy the foundation of pride Giants fans had built for themselves.

And he did. He beat them.

Just like that, it was all gone. Eli was no longer the thorn in Tom Brady’s side. Nick Foles beating Tom ruined the aura we believed in. If Nick Foles can beat Brady, anyone can. What made this extremely hard to grapple with was the reality that the Eagles, a hated division rival, were incredibly likable.



We’ve had a year to lick our wounds and come to terms with our new reality. I’d say we’re better people for it, but we’re not, we’re just as petty as ever.

But there’s hope, and it lies with one person, one person we never thought we’d need to turn too. Nick Foles.

The Philadelphia I know is a city in disarray. A city that believes they have their shit together, when in reality they show up to work everyday with their shirt inside out, backwards, 3 sizes too big, and made out of the sheets they use to cover bodies at crime scenes. As a team, they were known for their mouths off the field more than anything. Freddie Mitchell, Desean Jackson, LeSean McCoy, and Riley Cooper on one occasion. The good old days

I believe Nick Foles can bring that city back. If Nick Foles wins another Super Bowl, Philly finds themselves with a huge problem on their hands. Stick with the 30 year old backup, who clearly got lucky, but is the only starting QB to bring you a Super Bowl or move forward with the young stud with all the potential in the world in Carson Wentz.

Eagles fans can debate this all they want, but the beauty of it is there is no right choice. Go with Foles, you will destroy your franchise. Go with Wentz, he will go the rest of his career boo’d at home like Donovan McNabb after every incompletion.

Over time, the fans will turn on each other. The front office will got so rattled they cut the good guys and sign the bad ones. They’ll convince Mark Wahlberg to make Invincible 2, which will inevitability flop at the box office. Everything will be back to normal. And in today’s volatile world, isn’t that all we really want anyway?

So in closing.

Enjoy your weekend.

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