Jalen Hurts Going To Oklahoma Is A Dream Come True

I’ve realized a lot of my articles are very negative. Me explaining why something, or someone, is wrong. I don’t want to be that guy. I don’t want to be this judge-y. I need to be better. So with that in mind, let me take this time to say how happy I am that former Alabama quarterback, Jalen Hurts, chose to transfer to Oklahoma. Because it was the absolute worst decision he could have made.

First lets look at who else is on the team, namely one in particular.


That interesting looking fellow is none other than Spencer Rattler. Rattler is the number 1 quarterback recruit in this season’s graduating class and recently committed to Oklahoma. Him being around should make Hurts nervous. Obviously, because his name and overall appearance is reminiscent of what any 8th grader would create when starting a career mode in NCAA ’13, but not just that. In case you forgot, Jalen Hurts is leaving a school in which he was replaced by the nation’s top freshman quarterback. You may remember this guy.

Einstein defines insanity as, “doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results.” If this isn’t that, than I don’t know what is. Maybe he’s just used to the red and white color scheme? I honestly don’t know. Or maybe he just wants revenge.

If that’s the case, buddy, just apply for a Grad Asst. coaching job now. If there’s one thing that Nick Saban doesn’t permit, it’s individuals leaving his system and letting them succeed. Just ask Will Muschamp (2014),

Bama Fla.PNG

Jim McElwain (2016)

bama fla 2016.PNG

Jimbo Fisher

bama a&m.PNG

Jeremy Pruitt

bama tenn.PNG

Kirby Smart

bama uga.PNG

Or Lane Kiffin.

These are grown men we’re talking about here. The only other man I know who emasculates other men close to him like this is my dad.

Comparatively, this has a chance to get really ugly.

Granted, we can’t predict the future. We don’t know Alabama will make it to the playoffs (lol). We don’t know Oklahoma will either. But lets use recent history as a gauge and assume it happens.

You do not want to be on Nick Saban’s bad side. At all. For a man that’s only 5’6, he’s the closest thing we have to the Hulk in the real world.


And who’s gonna protect Jalen? Lincoln Riley? This Lincoln Riley?


He looks like the nice guy they get rid of in week 2 of The Bachelor to get the ratings up.


In house there’s issues with this choice, out of house there’s issues with this choice, the frat houses are likely problematic, the Heisman house already has a bunch of Oklahoma QBs there anyway. You name a house, I’ll find an issue.

Anyway, so happy for you, Jalen. Genuinely. This is gonna be so great. So so great.


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