I Don’t Get What Everyone Is So Upset About

So… what’s the big deal? Have people forgotten how we thought this season was going to go? Clearly they have. Just a classic case of millennial A.D.D. I guess.

Remember back in the preseason when everyone and their mother was getting penalized for aggressive hits? Like if a fan’s butt brushed too hard against someones knees when shimmying to their seat, they got flagged. Or, in a more traditional sense, if a tackle happened, that player would be removed from the game.

Everyone under the sun became Nostradamus in predicting the death of the NFL. The amount of tweets against this new initiative to remove helmet to helmet hits would make you think Jerry Jones had created an army of burner accounts.


Now, to be fair to the refs, they were put in an unwinnable position. You have to assume they were told by the league to call anything close, knowing full well they’d have to face the public backlash. And while the outcries against the penalties were justified, I think it was clear they were just trying to get the message across and would tone it down when the regular season started. But still, there was crying nonetheless.


But look at everyone now. You finally get what you asked for

Head Hunt.PNG

And you’re still complaining.

As the late, great, Marie Antoinette once said, you can’t have your cake and eat it too. And that is the position we find ourselves in now.

Fans have been the architect of their own destruction and I hope we’ve learned a valuable lesson today.

Be careful what you wish for. Hit the music, Luke!

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