Julian Edelman Could Tear This Team Apart

Imagine this, you just lost the Super Bowl, but it wasn’t you’re fault. You did everything you could. Caught 14 passes from the running back position, ran for 29 yards on 6 attempts… okay so you were only a factor in the passing game, but still. Despite a record winning performance, it’s all for naught. You won’t be able to hoist the trophy you’ve worked so hard for. Yes, this is the story of James White being harshly denied the honor of Super Bowl MVP last year.

Sure, you could say it would have gone to Tom Brady for throwing for 500+ yards. But is that really something we want to honor after the NFL has effectively ruined the concept of pass defense? Of course not. I mean if passing yards are the end-all-be-all, we’d see way more Big 12 quarterbacks being drafted in the first round. Do we really want to change our whole philosophy on football for just one guy?

No, we don’t, and the NFL would never do that.

Or so I thought.

While everyone in Boston was cheering, drinking, and gathering in Boston Common (for 45 minutes (look it up)), I knew they were overlooking a serious calm before the storm.

All I could think about was Julian Edelman receiving the immaculate honor of Super Bowl MVP. An award only given to the greats like Eli Manning (twice), Malcolm Smith, Santonio Holmes, and so many others. Usually, I’d celebrate this, as I do anytime a white wide receiver does something notable, like when that guy on the Redskins did “The Scarn” from the office.

but this one just felt dirty.

You’re telling me that Julian Edelman, someone’s who’s main job is to catch footballs, is the MVP for only 10 catches? Jimmy White (I call him Jimmy)* made 14 the year before, when that’s one of four things he’s responsible for:

Running, blocking, catching, and not doing something as good as Kevin Faulk used too.

And he, as a competitor, had to have been thinking about the same thing I was and you can’t convince me otherwise.

Over time, this is going to eat at him. He’ll start talking to some teammates and natural divisions in the locker room will grow. Bill will lose control of the team, Tom will be taken hostage a la Wild Bill from Silence of the Lambs by Edelman if he doesn’t side with him,


and the dynasty that we’ve seen built will fall.

Okay, that got a little dark at the end. Hopefully the asterisk’d comment below adds some levity.

*Yes, I also refer to Garroppolo as “James” Garroppolo.

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