You Couldn’t Pay Me To Be A 1st Round Pick

We’ve finally made it to the NFL Draft. The fourth greatest day of the NFL calendar behind Week 1, the Super Bowl, and whenever Sean Lee goes on IR. Along with that, it used to be my third favorite day of the year. Watching all these kids achieve their dreams, seeing a new generation of players for your team, and just endless highlights of players. It’s a wholesome and fun event for any diehard football fan.

However in recent years, that excitement has faded. Maybe that’s just growing up, but all evidence around me would indicate I have done the exact opposite of that, so that can’t be it. Personally, I think it’s just because I’m disgusted with some of Roger Goodell’s behavior in recent years. The deflate-gate scandal, the apparent insistence to mishandle every domestic abuse case, concussions, not letting the Saints and Rams redo that play. I mean it all gets to you.

But if I’m being honest, there’s something else that’s disturbed me more. Hugging the first round picks.

Sometimes it’s like Jack and Rose in Titanic.


Other times it’s like the Hulk hugging… I don’t know, Iron Man? He and Goodell probably make the same amount of money. I’m not an Avengers guy.


Let me ask you something. Has your boss ever hugged you? I’d like to think they haven’t. How about a secret handshake?


Listen, I don’t care what you say. This is concerning behavior. It’s weird enough to have your boss hug you when your at work, but literally your first day? Walking onto that stage and hugging Roger Goodell is the same thing as being shown do your desk, and the CEO is already there with his arms out like a scarecrow.


That’s not a place that I’d want to work.

You’d think in today’s #MeToo movement, a high powered man would know better than to hold an employee, rub their back, and have their noses touch. It’s just in poor taste, if nothing else.

So say a prayer for these young men as they walk across that stage tonight. They’re about to get a crash course into how to make it in corporate America.

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