As A Giants Fan, I’m A Huge Jets Fan

You gotta love this team, man! You gotta love this team!

In case you were also moving your little brother across NYC to a loft, 6 floors up, with no elevator in the East Village yesterday, let me catch you up.

Yesterday the New York Jets fired their General Manager of 3 years, Mike McCagnan, and named Head Coach, Adam Gase, as the Interim GM.

And what was his first move in this enhanced role? Tell everyone that he didn’t want to sign their new star running back, Le’Veon Bell. Yeah, I know he clarified saying he didn’t want to sign him for a lot of money, but it’s Le’Veon. If there’s one thing we knew about Le’Veon it’s that he wasn’t playing unless he got paid. That’s like saying “I wanted my Golden Retriever. I just didn’t want it to shed so much.”

They go hand in hand, Adam. That’s a stupid thing to say. They are cute though.


Not only was it stupid in context, it’s stupid because what Adam isn’t realizing is that any time he’s in the news going forward, be it for something controversial or even a loss in the regular season, this shit is going to go re-viral every damn time.

rzdvr1afzzvstfa0qyzg.giftenor.gif71294072.jpgScreen Shot 2019-05-16 at 9.33.13 AM.png

That press conference is his legacy now. Not coaching the Dolphins, not losing with the Dolphins, not saying Ryan Tannehill is going to be a winner, not being the Jets coach. Just him being introduced as it. And every time he does something wrong, everyone is going to remind him of that.

Maybe he doesn’t care. If that’s the case, good for him. I get upset if an Instagram post doesn’t get triple digit likes. So if he’s that immune to the internet, more power too him.

But I’ll tell you who does care, the front office. No, it doesn’t effect their view of him as a coach, but when a team gets constantly made fun of, you can bet that an egomaniacal billionaire is gonna fix it.

In other words,


(Couldn’t find another Gif with that phrase.)

Lastly, you can’t convince me that this all didn’t happen without Gase being VERY involved. If there’s any real positive to this, maybe HBO will make a Hard Knocks about front offices. Because I have to know what House Of Cards moves Gase played to make all this happen.

Realistically all he has to say to the owner, “Hey, remember that time McCagnan drafted Christian Hackenberg?” And boom, the job is his.

Screen Shot 2019-05-16 at 10.10.31 AM

Now, despite all the negativity I’m spewing, I have to thank the New York Jets. Between the last few losing seasons, losing Tom Coughlin, gaining Ben McAdoo, Eli’s decline, the Odell trade, drafting Daniel Jones, etc. it’s been really rough lately. As long as I’ve lived, the Jets have been the laughing stock of New York, and lately that tide has turned hard and fast.

I was down. But I forgot that the Jets are the Jets.

So thank you, New York Jets. You’ve given me something the Giants haven’t been able to give me for a long time. Hope.

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