I Love This Team And Never Doubted Them For A Second

I love this team.


I love ’em,


I love ’em,


I love ’em.

Time is a funny thing. It moves fast. One second, you’re saying these women are playing like a bunch of dudes


the next, you’re realizing you don’t know anything about anything.

The USA Women’s team showed this past weekend why they are the best. Because they beat the best. Or at least the team that thought they were the best.image.jpg

They say a series doesn’t start until a team win’s a game on the other’s home field. I’d say knocking off the French in France fits the bill.

Now, I’ll be honest, I thought we were gonna lose. Not because I thought France was better, but because I saw they had someone on their name with the last name “Henry.”


And that means something. The first soccer I ever watched was the 2006 Men’s World Cup. You may remember it for this…


I remember it for this.


Theirry Henry was really good.

Oh and I also remember this.


Ronaldinho always creeped me out. But I digress.

It’s just so fun rooting for the USA. We’re just so much god damn better than everyone else out there. Sure, France had a chance. But so did the Iron Fleet. And look at how that turned out.

All we kept hearing about was how good France was, how if anyone can take down the mighty US, it’s them. All this bluster, all this hype, all this talk. It meant nothing. The USA are just a bunch of fucking dragons. Maybe if France had a little extra to work with, it would have been different.


But probably not.

Point is, thank you to the Team USA for reading my last blog and toughening up afterward.

I’m not asking for credit, but if you give it to me I’ll say “you’re welcome.”


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