Trump Has Officially Gone Too Far

When this site was started, I promised to never make it about politics. As far as right wings and left wings go, I believe those wings are useless here, unless we’re talking soccer positions. Consider me a penguin in that regard.


But after what I saw yesterday, I think we have to change our policy.

Like many of you, I was shocked to hear that the USA invaded, and destroyed England yesterday. I do not know much about politics, but I do know that in order for War to be declared, it must be approved by the Senate (Shout out to Mrs. Orsenigo in 7th grade social studies). So for Trump to have this carried out without anyone knowing is one of the most despicable things I’ve ever seen.


This wasn’t an invasion?


This was just a dominant performance by the United State Women’s National team?


Well thank God.

In other news, Alex Morgan joined the ranks of the Kennedy’s, Rockefellers, and Kardashians as American royalty yesterday.

Tied 1-1 in the second half, on her birthday, and America’s birthday week, Alex Morgan showed her patriotism by taking part in two long time American traditions:



And launching missiles at our opposition.


After heading the ball in the net, off an amazing cross from Lindsey Horan, she wasn’t done yet. I speak of course, of the celebration heard around the world.


Though, unlike Lexington and Concord, we know exactly who fired the first shot.

Before I go on, this celebration was a 9/10. If she wanted 10/10, she’d have spit it out. 11/10 would have been tea, spit, pull out a beer from your back pocket and shotgun it.


But I digress.

Alex Morgan has been very quiet on the paper during this World Cup. Despite that, I kept hearing that her impact was off the stat sheet. As a Giants fan, I’ve heard that a million times about Olivier Vernon and Jason Pierre-Paul, and football is futbol after all. So I was nervous. But damn was I wrong.

A celebration like that makes an impact more than any goal ever could.

Now, we wait until Sunday. We’ll read every foreign article about how this team is full of classless,









By the way, there is nothing wrong with them being arrogant. They’re the best, have worked to be the best, have fought, and earned, global respect.

They can do whatever. The fuck. They want. Period.

It’s cliche, but if you don’t like em, beat em.

Lastly, huge shout out to Alyssa Naeher. Yeah, the save was amazing. But screaming at her teammates to get back in the game instead of celebrating with her was the moment of the game for me. I haven’t seen eyes that intense since Terry Tate, Office Linebacker.


God, I love this team.

So to bring this full circle: I don’t care if you are right wing or left wing, because, again, those wings are useless here. Just respect soccer and we’re good.


P.S. You were gonna search it anyway. Just watch it.



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