Hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooly Shit…


I didn’t sleep last night. I couldn’t. I saw the future.


And boy was it bright.

Listen, I’m a smart football fan. I know how stupid the preseason is. I know it’s never something to get excited about. Again, I’m very very very smart.

But this is different. I know it is.

The first drive was led managed maintained … Eli Manning was there, okay? After a 2 yard dump to a tight end on the first play (which has become so fucking common lately that I groaned the second I saw the tight end release), I was prepared for another dismal autumn.

Then Daniel Jones showed up. Then he SHOWED UP. A quick button hook to Cody Lattimer to get the juices flowing, followed by a GREAT slant route to Golden Tate, then a post back to Lattimer, then an out to Bennie Fowler, capped with a beautiful TD to Fowler on a flag route right over the defenders shoulder.


Then the game was suspended due to a storm warning. Everyone was told to take cover inside the stadium for safety.

Screen Shot 2019-08-09 at 11.35.57 AM.png

But it was too late. The storm had already arrived.

Daniel Jones is the storm.

I have not been this excited about this team since the second season under Ben McAdoo. And we all know how that went…


But, like my man Daniel, I have a short memory. It’s the best way to succeed in this league.

I, like everyone, was heartbroken when Roger Goodell took the stage in Nashville last Spring and said, “Quarterback from Duke, Daniel Jones.” But over time, I softened.

When you look at the situation for what it is, all Daniel Jones did was work hard, stand out on a shitty Duke football team, and became a first round pick. He lived a dream. And what did he get in return? The biggest city in the world hating his guts.

That’s not fair.

So I’ve been supporting him out of pity. I’m the popular kid who’s telling the new nerdy kid, “I got your back, kid. It’s gonna be alright.”

Credit to me for being an all around great guy.

But not only am I nice, I’m right.

Everything IS gonna be alright.

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