Here’s Why The Raiders Are In The Wrong Regarding Antonio Brown

First off, we take you live to Buffalo, NY to see how they are handling this news:


I will simply never get over how lucky that city is for not having to deal with Antonio Brown.

But I have to look at both sides here. This simply cannot all be on AB. It just can’t. Football is a sport that preaches accountability, and the Oakland Raiders don’t seem to be practicing any of that.

At the end of the day, this is on the Raiders for trying to treat Antonio Brown as an adult. He’s simply a bratty child, and those two age groups require different philosophies of attention to get the most out of them.

I know this for a fact. I aced passed took a “Psychology of Adolescence” course in college and there are a few ways to handle this.

1) Help the child with the feelings that are keeping him from cooperating: Play when you can.

In this case, let’s look at the helmet issue. This was clearly very important to AB, and was THE reason why he was not cooperating. And what did the Oakland Raiders do? Mike Mayock went to the press and essentially said, “Put up or shut up.”

Then again, this was after they worked with Antonio and the league office, agreed that if they found the helmet he wanted created within the last ten years, supported his grievance hearings with the leagues.

Okay, well, did they play with him more?

Well… I guess they couldn’t when, you know, he refused to play.

Let’s just move on to the next one.

2) Don’t Manipulate With Bribes

I mean, the Raiders couldn’t have fucked up more here if they tried. I mean they literally offered him MONEY to play football. As a famous fugitive once said, how can you be so obtuse!?


What did they think was gonna happen when they offered him this plan? You can’t just throw money at a tantrum throwing child and expect all your problems to go away. That’s not how it works. An adult, sure, it’s called a job. But a child? For a game they clearly love to play?

Screen Shot 2019-09-05 at 3.01.07 PM.png


3) Hugs

This one isn’t sarcastic. It isn’t tongue in cheek. Did someone, anyone, anyone at all, just think for a second to give the guy a hug? No.

Hugs are a way to reconnect and foster cooperation. They help the child feel safe enough to cry and let out the upsets that are driving him to act out. Hugs rescue the child from the low road he’s stumbled onto and pull him back up onto the high road.


And if a coach isn’t gonna do it. Why not a teammate? Why not Vontaze Burfict?

It would mean a lot to go from this

to what I can only assume would be exactly like this.


It just makes you think, doesn’t it?

(Now, in all honesty, I think the guy is suffering from serious CTE. I hope he steps away from the game, maybe for good, to make sure he can get professional help and ensure the best possible life for he and his family going forward.)

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