So How About These Milennials In Miami?

So there were a bunch of big headlines after Week 1 in the NFL.

Sammy Watkins simply needed 5 years to find his groove, the Cleveland Browns undefeated train never left the station, Kyler Murray does a lot for short guys and white guys alike in proving size doesn’t matter, and nothing matters anymore after Antonio Brown signed with the New England Patriots.

The most important one for me was the news coming out of Miami right after the game.

After getting blown out by a Baltimore Ravens team the 0 people thought would ever have a passing game again, 59-10, countless Dolphins players ran to their phones to call their agents to try to get a trade in the works.

I mean, what the fuck. Since when did quitting become cool? If you think it’s so cool, why would Andrew Luck do it? That guy still uses a flip phone.


Which is maybe the least cool thing ever.

Screen Shot 2019-09-09 at 4.22.17 PM.png


Well, this can’t just happen, right? You can’t just complain your way out of something and get what you want, right? It doesn’t work that way.

Screen Shot 2019-09-09 at 4.25.02 PM.png

Fuck, again.

OK… well I can’t be the only one having thoughts like this. There must be some respected people in the sports world who share these sentiments, right?


OK, maybe I’m wrong.

Let’s be honest now. What did the Miami Dolphins think was gonna happen when they decided to actively pursue to tank a season in the NFL? This isn’t basketball. Money isn’t guaranteed, every year a player can still physically perform is a genuine blessing, and players know that.

Why would they sacrifice a year of their career to help a team that probably won’t even keep them around once things get better?

Players want to perform well so badly that they’re willing to leave Miami, Florida in the prime of their lives just for a chance to compete. Think about that.

What I need to know is if this tank thing was Brian Flores’ idea or the front office. Did Flores sit down after day one of training camp after seeing this squad and say


or was he brought in with this idea in mind?

I kind of hope it’s the former just so it’s something he can believe in, because no matter what, he’s the one that has to face the media and be the posterboy for this whole odeal. He’s the one people are going to blame no matter what.

And, knowing how the ego’s of front offices usually go, if this blows up in Miami’s face, they’re firing him no questions asked and saying it was all his idea.

Teams need to realize that hiring someone from the New England Patriots does not mean you’re going to become the next Patriots. The only way that happens is a stroke of once in a generation luck.

You need to a) draft a quarterback who’s good enough to establish a 20 year legacy and b) draft a quarterback who’s good enough to establish a 20 year legacy who is completely absent of ego.

That doesn’t happen.

So no shit these players want to quit. The front office quit on them.

That’s like telling your girlfriend you don’t see a future together and don’t believe this can work long term, then asking her to not break up with you and to have birthday/anniversary type sex directly after. It’s a poor plan that will either leave you in the room alone right after or with a VERY angry counterpart who wants to give you a piece of their mind. Lose Lose.

So good fucking luck, you idiots.


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