After 16 Years Philip Rivers Is Finally Playing Like A Giant

So last night the San Diego (yes, San Diego) Chargers took on the Kansas City Chiefs in Mexico City. Spoiler alert, The Chiefs won in the most predictable fashion possible:

A Philip Rivers interception on a game winning drive.

If you were looking for an upset, I’d look at the fact that the game actually took place after the stunt Azteca Stadium pulled last year.


Last night’s ending was so foreseeable I assume it was hard to feel any kind of excitement if you’re a Chiefs fan. You knew it was coming.

If anyone felt anything it would be moderate dissapointment, at least from two groups of people. San Diego (yes, San Diego) fans and doomsday preppers who know the day Rivers actually wins a game in the 4th quarter is the last day the sun will ever rise.


I, however, feel an odd sense of pride watching Philip blow game after game after game. Not pride that he loses, pride that he’s playing like he remembers his roots.

No, not his roots in North Carolina.


Not his roots in church.


Not even his roots in his favorite place on earth, the delivery room.


but instead his roots to the team that brought him into the league in the first place, the New York Giants.

Screen Shot 2019-11-19 at 3.32.33 PM.pngScreen Shot 2019-11-19 at 3.32.25 PM.png

As the story goes, after drafting Philip Rivers with the 4th overall pick, the Giants immediatly traded him to San Diego in exchange for disgrunted rookie Eli Manning.

In the years following, Eli would struggle in his early years while Rivers sat on the bench for a bit before quickly finding success as a starter. It was a tough go for a few years, but things sorted themselvs out, as they always do.


But still, while Eli brought me immeasurable joy, you never knew what each game was going to bring. Could be 4 touchdowns, could be 4 interceptions.

All the while, Rivers was establishing himself as one of the more consistent young quarterbacks in the league. And while he wasn’t winning championships, he was getting damn close.

I won’t say I ever wanted Philip, because I didn’t. I never considered it. But I thought about it.

It’s like cheating on your significant other. You never EVER actually consider it as a legit option, but the thought is there. See the difference?

But as the years have gone on, things have slowed down. Now, it should be clear, Philip Rivers is still viewed as one of the more consistent quarterbacks in the league, just not for the same reasons as he once was.

The Giants have dissapointed fans for years now. 2015 was the year of the 4th quarter collapse. There was some stat after the first 12 games of the season that if the Giants didn’t play a combined 13 minutes of those games, they’d be 10-2 instead of 5-6.

It was wild.

Since then, we blew a playoff game for reasons unknown.


And every position group, at one point or another, has led to another addition to the loss column. It’s become a team effort, which is the only thing close to teamwork Giants fans have seen since 2012.

So I can’t help but feel proud. He didn’t forget where he came from.

Once a Giant, always a Giant.


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