The US Open Is Causing Problems For Me

Yesterday was Monday. No one likes Mondays. Everyone knows that the more memes that apply to a day of the week, the worse it is. Hilarious. And Relatable. That’s why Wednesday has been leaning on that one Geico ad for the last 5 years. Because it isn’t that bad of a day. But I digress. Everyone has their own way of getting through the first … Continue reading The US Open Is Causing Problems For Me

So What Did I Miss?

I was at a work training in California all last week. 10 hours a day in a windowless room, no cell service outside of wifi (which is only worth noting because none of my roommates have iPhones), and exclusively healthy lunches, which was maybe the most deflating thing about the whole ordeal, and that’s counting the nightly homework assignments. It was like college, except I … Continue reading So What Did I Miss?

Tennis Has An Adderall Problem

If you’re like me, your bosses are out for the day and to cope with the monotony of cube life, you fired up ESPN Watch to catch the Wimbledon Semi-Final between Kevin Anderson and John Isner. Holy shit what a match. If you haven’t seen HBO’s “Seven Days In Hell” starring Andy Samberg and Kit Harrington, I recommend you don’t. It’s highly overrated. That aside, … Continue reading Tennis Has An Adderall Problem